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Anonymous: I'm saying, your my favorite. And often times . I worry about you. And I want to keep you safe and happy.

I dont. Omigoodness

4 days ago
Anonymous: Hey did you try and make out with a grieving person at newcon

Uhhhhh no? That was not me at all o.o

4 days ago

My shirt making Jasmine all derpy

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Anonymous: It doesn't matter who I am! You'll never have to worry about being a faze with me. You can count on me treating you like royalty and keeping you in my arms ad you are sad.

wut ;-;

5 days ago
Anonymous: Run away with me. We can go to the big city. hang out in the city and go to cons and buy sushi and spend every day together.

*-* okay. who are you again? X3

6 days ago

You sacrificed yourself for me?

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183. That’s the number of people I’m responsible for killing— Not the number of people I’ve killed, the number I’m responsible for. There’s a difference. You get an order to kill someone, well, maybe you pulled the trigger, but it’s not on you. They ordered it. If you didn’t kill the poor bastard, someone else would. But when you become Command, you are the one giving the orders. You are the one making the decisions. you have to choose who lives, who dies. You are responsible. So you become… the hand of God.

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Don’t ask me “what time is it” because I will either say

a) time for you to get a watch
b) summertime
c) adventure time
d) it’s time to d-d-d-d-d-d-d-duel

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so how do i relationship

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i could be naked right now

and none of you would ever know

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Anonymous: Its not bad if you just dont go into the tags.

I dont go into tags but now its a risk just to have your submit or ask on now. Its getting out of hand, the news is everywhere, it is just all to much.

2 weeks ago
"Excuse me! The last thing I need right now is some fruit who's just proved himself straight tellin' my ass how sexy I am! Congratulations, liars! You know who you are and you know who you want. Aint nothin' gonna change that, shit!"
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(Gender Fluid and I don't really have any pronouns I prefer) I'm just Non-Binary in lots of ways and don't concern myself with all that kinds of stuff. Supporting simple equality I suppose. <3

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