Frozen Duelist Kingdom Finalist
  • Person: I hate musicals
  • Person: They're so gay
  • Me:
  • Person:
  • Me:
  • Cop: Can you tell me what happened?
  • Me: He ran into my knife.
  • Me: He ran into my knife ten times.
  • Ensemble out of nowhere: HE HAD IT COMIN'
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why is levi yelling at eren

because of all the big ass trees

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Things Public School Kids Take Way Too Seriously


  • Jeopardy
  • Review Games
  • Kickball
  • Spirit Week

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ive been listening to a lot of electro swing lately and i really really wanted to draw 20s fashion so? 20s au??

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why the fuck cant i have a best friend who lives 30 seconds away from me who always comes over and we just stay at each others houses whenever movies are so deceiving

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thegamzeemakarablog: Once you get this you must say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send it to 10 of your favorite followers (not back to me, I did it already). Thinking good things about yourself is hard but it will make you feel better so give it a go, for the sake of spreading positivity! (✿^▽^)

oh okay ummm

1. I’m pretty darn honesty (its good and bad, take it as you will)

2. weulwirjjw um I have pretty eyes

3. I act good? yes? no? eh?

this is harder than i thought

4. I funny????

5. I write-ish good thing yes?

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"Excuse me! The last thing I need right now is some fruit who's just proved himself straight tellin' my ass how sexy I am! Congratulations, liars! You know who you are and you know who you want. Aint nothin' gonna change that, shit!"
Tei (Roxy) / Taken / INFP / Penguin / Witch Of Rage / OR / Slytherin / Airbender / Sagittarius / JohnRoxy(OTP) /
Prince(or) Princess Pronouns

(Gender Fluid and I don't really have any pronouns I prefer) I'm just Non-Binary in lots of ways and don't concern myself with all that kinds of stuff. Supporting simple equality I suppose. <3

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